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Staff identifies women
from the target group
5 to 9 women become member of the Joint Liability Group
Share fees of Rs. 100/- is collected from each member
These members does compulsoarymonthly saving of Rs 200/- each

Loan Approval Process

Member Request
For Loan
Satff files the application form and check the KYC
Staff provide details of JLG group & submit the form
Branch manager conducts the appraisal
HO checks the details in credit Bureau

Loan Disbursement Process

Details about member and loan is endtred in software
Branch Manager approves the detail entred
Based on the approval loan is disbursed

Loan Payment & Collection Process

Repayment is made in 12 or 18 installment
Based on the date given by the group staff does the collection in the joint meeting at village level